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Making All Natural Castile Soap

A Handmade Pure Olive Oil Soap
Making All Natural Castile Soap

Making All Natural Castile Soap is pretty simple when you know how?  Castile Soap is made out of Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) and Water.  That’s it.  Just three things will make the most amazing, traditional & timeless soap in the world.  It is best cured for as long as possible to allow it’s true beauty to unveil itself and by a long cure, I mean 9 months or more.  Soap used early does unfortunately get used up fast as it’s a little soft and it can also tend to be a little slimy.  So my advice is to try it at intervals, along the way and after it has reached at least 8 weeks of age. You’re best reviews will be obtained when your soap is over 6 months of age, when it is at it’s best.

Castile soap has it’s origins hotly debated amongst soap makers and people that are interested and I dare say that the exact origins will be hotly debated forever.  The debate would certainly have to include Aleppo Soap, founded nowhere else other than Aleppo?  All claims must surrender where Aleppo Soap is concerned as it was made over 1000 years ago.  It’s made of olive oil and laurel berry oils, a soap whose origins are reported to be the vegetable-oil-carafe-on-table-151x151Syrian city of Aleppo and go back in history at least a thousand years, even further in legend. Popular reports have Aleppo soap being used by Cleopatra and Queen Zenobia of Syria.  I’ll talk about Aleppo Soap in another post, soon to come.

That’s not the purpose of my post though….my purpose it to help you make some All Natural Castile Soap for yourself.   If you’d like to PURCHASE All Natural Castile Soap please BUY IT HERE

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