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I’m Yvonne Cowell, the proud owner of this business that I share with my family, I love sharing my experiences and ultimately helping others on a similar journey.  I’ve been so engrossed in my soap making business, that it’s taken an enormous toll on my sanity, as many of you will relate too.  I’m not shy to say that over the years I’ve met some ‘characters’, some good, and some I’d really rather forget.  It’s been such an eye opener.  I began running my business from home, formerly known as ‘Bayside Crafts’ way back in 1994, wow that seems like so long ago, now since 2009 we’re proudly known as one of the BEST soap making businesses in Australia.  We’re very proud, an empowering journey where we ‘unlike others’ enjoy teaching others how to make their own natural soap, bath and body care products.  People love this journey and very soon look to other household products that can be made with the same simple ingredients.  I’ve been very lucky to be my own boss, work my own hours and share what I know with others along the way, it’s all about a lifestyle choice that I call, a hobby.

The problem? There is just nowhere for people to learn?  I mean to really be shown how to make something, see, feel, smell.  That’s why people just love us, we care and share what others feel is ‘secret information’.  Why?  I’m not too sure, soap making is after all a very traditional timeless craft that grandma did, right?  Wrong.  It’s become a very competitive craft, people can be so downright ‘nasty’.  I’ve experienced this first hand.  I just don’t understand this and probably am just plain naive to this type of behaviour.

What I do know is that one needs to master the art of ‘how to make’ and then make it ‘theirs’.  I mean that in the best of ways – to be successful, your work must be unique.  Yours!  It’s all very well to take a book and follow a natural soap recipe – but that’s not your recipe is it?  That’s where I like to help.  Showing you how to make it yours – is a whole different storey.  If you want to truly succeed – this is what I’ll show you.  This is me – an open book, that I will share.

I now operate my business from my home studio, I attend markets & events.  I will attend any venue on request to educate people on making choices in their lives that will ultimately ‘change’ their way of living to a much more sustainable – natural existence.

I show people how to handmake their soap naturally, I also make an enormous variety of bath and body care products including lotions & creams, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, body wash, lip balm, body scrubs and general household products like simple old washing powder, for use in and around your home.  I also dable in making my own cheese and other dairy products and I certainly encourage people to make their own products where ever possible to avoid the never ending array of preservatives and artificial colourings in them that do us so much harm.   This business was born from a hobby that for me and my family is a way of life and a necessity.

Making your own Natural soap and other products and the need for easy to use natural medicinal remedies are definitely worth making, it’s a lifestyle choice that we should all embrace. It’s actually an addiction gone wrong.  It is my goal to show as many people as possible how they too can make there own natural choices in life, soap being one but there is an enormous array of products that are really good for you and quite easy to make.  I use simple ingredients, many readily available, so that anyone can get the same enjoyment out of making great products ‘every day’ that are not, just a treat once in a while.  You can embrace the old fashioned ways too, it’s pretty easy and doesn’t need to be a painful process.  It just means going back to the ways of old and making healthy choices for your family.

Offering a wealth of knowledge, my natural soap making classes and a variety of other workshops have been enjoyed by many, some people travelling from all over Australia (which is an honour) over the years, to spend time with ‘me’ learning.  What a great thrill.  I’ve had episodes featured on the TV by Totally Wild, I’ve been featured by ‘The Great Outdoors’, and recently attended the Better Homes and Gardens Live Exhibition in Sydney.  I no longer operate my shop, so there are no hands on classes on offer, but I offer a consulting service that you can certainly take advantage of.  Don’t hesitate to contact me to see how I can help you.  I practice Aromatic Medicine and I too am forever learning, studying the wonders of natural herbal ingredients and essential oils – where ever possible I’m happy to pass on amazing knowledge to anyone that is on a similar journey of discovery.

Our family business delivers products into homes right around Australia – we do prefer that you place orders using our website. Our workshops can be conducted anywhere in South East Qld, phone us to see what we can do for you.  In the first instance Check out our range of DIY Soap Making Kits to get you started.

Our soap making kits, bath bomb kits and lip balm kits make it into the homes of many – teaching people how to make natural soap and a variety of products from the comfort of their own home.   If you’ve never tried making your own products we highly recommend purchasing one of our soap making kits – you’ll be amazed how thorough and complete they are.  They are a lesson in a box.  Oh, and if you’re stuck just send a message for help.

We stock a select range of natural supplies.  We even make our own Rustic and Traditional Wooden/Timber Log or Loaf Soap Moulds and are, as we keep telling you, the home of the BEST soap making kits in Australia.

There are no secrets with us. We’re only too happy to show you how we do it.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and we truly hope that we’ve convinced you to give ‘natural’ a go.  Start making your own products as soon as you can, it’s definitely the way to go!