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Monday with Yvonne at Simply Natural

Hi Everyone,

Monday’s are always busy for me, how about you?  It’s the day that everyone wakes up from the weekend and plans the week ahead.  New orders arrive, folks chase up orders that they’re waiting for, I take care of my admin work and I have now started to write a new Blog Post every week with the hope of keeping my customers up to date with relevant news, new products and an inspirational new recipe for you to try out for yourself.

This week I’m going to talk about –

  • making soap with natural ingredients that aren’t quite so boring.
  • update you guys on my plans for the future and
  • give you a new recipe to try out – shortly.


Making Soap with Natural Ingredients that aren’t quite so boring

I had a lady say to me recently ‘natural soap is always  so boring‘……I’ve thought about this.  It was a shock to me, at the time, as I never for a minute considered natural soap to be boring?  The comment really took me by surprise and after questioning her a little more, it became apparent that she wasn’t referring to the soap itself, she was referring to the shape and more over, to the fact that to her, there was nothing ‘special’ about it.

She said, “well…….I look at those soaps that are so brightly coloured, that I can’t use, because of the horrible ‘artificial’ fragrance and colouring used, you’d think that the soap makers would actually make ones that are aesthetically pleasing, you know, for the people that can’t use all that artificial junk”?  This made a penny drop in my mind.

I’ve been so wrapped up in my soapy soap maker dreams, that I never considered making my deluxe version of a natural soap?  What’s that mean you say?  Well, I love making soap that is what I refer to as a deluxe artisan soap, for it’s creative design.  These are the type of soaps that are manipulated into cupcakes, tarts, cookies, large cakes that are then cut into wedges.  Many people make the ones that smell like strawberries and cream or black raspberry and are so beautifully decorated, but I have not seen any that are actually ‘all natural’, I mean ones that are truly ‘all natural soap‘, that people with serious skin conditions can actually use?

Right.  I’m heading in a new direction – to create something once again unique to me.  When I first started making soap there weren’t very many people to compete with, now it’s actually really hard to remain unique?  hahaha you all say, you’ve just done a blog post you nutter…you’ve just told the world what your secret is?  No I haven’t, there’s actually no one that can make my soap, like me?  I bet you can say that too, if you’re a soaper?

I’ll post my recipes and those that would like to try them out are welcome to come along on the journey.  Those that would rather purchase the finished soap, can do that too, I’d really like to make some beautiful ‘deluxe artisan soap, that is all natural’ for my clients to enjoy.  Here’s a link to my very first Pretty in Pink all natural cup cake soaps, I’ve also made another delicate soap called ‘Baby Cake’ for you to enjoy.

People that want to use natural products and or have for whatever reason the need to use ‘all natural soap’ will love these to no end.  I bet you do too.  I’m working on making more of them as I know I’ll need to have lots ready for you to enjoy, I never want to run out of these little treasures.

My plans for the future

In recent months, I’ve downsized and repositioned my business, to make things more manageable for myself.  It’s taken considerable research and development on many levels.  I had decided to make these decisions based on my current lifestyle choice, to live a more relaxed existence, getting me back to ‘making my own soap’.

I shared a quote on my business facebook page recently that said ‘life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about dancing in the rain‘, this post had special meaning to me.  At this time in my life, I had just recently closed my shop that I’d managed for many years and almost simultaneously very nearly lost my husband to a serious medical ailment.  He’s well now, but at the time it rocked my world beyond belief.  It’s so funny how they say that it takes something like this to shock you into reality.  Well, reality is, that I’m not getting any younger myself!!  It’s time for me to simplify my life and to enjoy it more?  I really am going to return myself to my love of soapmaking and stop spreading myself so thin.  Whilst I can make a multitude of fantastic products – managing a shop, teaching people and going here there and everywhere in an effort to do it, is not what I love to do.

So without going on and on, I’m returning my business to be focused on making natural soap. Without the frills.

You’ll be able to purchase soap making kits to teach yourself how to make soap, using a variety of methods, you can browse my tried and proven recipes found in on my blog pages, enabling you to have a go at making your own soap, you can also buy the soap that I make and you can use my website as a place to purchase those ‘hard to get’  ingredients for your projects.  Yes – I’m returning my business to it’s former glory, it’s all about natural soap making here.  That’s me and what my offering is all about.  You’ll have already seen these changes taking effect as I fine tune my website.  It’s all very exciting, I’m loving it.

God Bless, and many thanks.


My recipe for this week that I’d love to share – will be posted on the next page shortly.