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Cold Process Soap Making Recipes

Below you’ll find a list of my favourite recipes…please follow our basic CP soap making method.

A time of healing – Lavender/Sage (for Women)

397gms Coconut Oil

567gms Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 Tablespoons Castor Oil (At trace)

142 grams Sodium Hydroxide

340 grams Water

15ml Lavender Pure Essential Oil

Dried Sage (look in the dried herb section of supermarket)

This recipe is just wonderful. Sage and Lavender – a wonderful combination for Women to indulge…….

You can use this one as a base recipe – change it with different essential oils and additives.

You can also change the Castor Oil added at Trace (superfat) to another oil such as Neem or Jojoba – this will add different qualities of course.

Castor Oil is my preference – It makes for a wonderful creamy soap with loads of lather and bubble.

This recipe requires a bit of planning –

** Approximately 1-2 weeks before you plan to make your soap, place about 3 tablespoons of the “Dried Sage” into the EV Olive Oil. Place the oil with sage into a glass bottle with a stopper – allow the oil and sage to infuse together for as long as possible. The longer the better.

** Prior to making your soap strain the oil mixture, to remove all the bits of sage. Left behind is a wonderful infusion of Olive Oil and Sage the longer you leave it to infuse – the better your soap will be. Continue to make the batch following the normal CP soap making method

If you wanted to add lavender buds to this infusion as well go right ahead, I find that adding lavender essential oil to the oils at trace is a wonderful combination. Putting Lavender Buds in the EV Olive Oil from the start in combination with the Sage, is also great.

Citrus Magic – Oranges & Lemons

Here is a wonderful base recipe for you to modify with your favourite additives.

We’ve used Orange & Lemon Essential Oil, but you can use your favourite citrus essential oils, and create your own “Magic”.

Palm Oil, known for producing wonderfully hard/long lasting soap, with loads of lather.

Olive Pomace – makes a very hard and brittle soap, lathers readily and profusely, Olive oil soaps are mild, long-lasting and of very high quality. Olive Oil has beautiful moisturising qualities when added to CP Soap

Coconut Oil – The soap makers favourite – creates beautiful Lather

500 grams Pomace Olive Oil
250 grams Palm Oil
250 grams Coconut Oil
145 grams Sodium Hydroxide
375 grams Water

15ml Orange Essential Oil

15ml Lemon Essential Oil

*Please follow the basic CP soap making method when making our recipes.

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