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Olive oil and 20% laurel oil soap, matured for 9 months.  Natural colouring achieved with Annatto Powder.

History: Steeped in history and tradition, this 20% laurel oil Aleppo soap is still heated in cauldrons today as it was tens of centuries ago, then set to dry for 9 months in the warm sun.


Use: Moisturizing, healing and antiseptic laurel oil, blended with soft, pure olive oil results in a genuine treatment soap.

0% alkaline, 100% plant-based and ecological, this soap is recommended for facial skincare, for sensitive skins and to help relieve dry skin conditions. Used in the morning and evening, this soap ensures healthy, soft skin and a fresh, clear, bright complexion. This Aleppo soap is used in the Near and Middle East to treat eczema, psoriasis, acne and other skin complaints.

Ingredients (INCI): sodium olivate*, sodium laurate*, aqua*, sodium hydroxide.(*Natural origin 99.9%. Sodium olivate and sodium laurate are the saponified fatty acids – or salts – of the olive oil and the laurel oil.) The colourant used is Annatto Powder.

Each bar weighs approx 60gms

A beautiful natural scent comes from this soap, if you like to be allured by natural temptations this soap has an amazingly grounding deep bay laurel tone, that is sophisticated and grounding.

It’s got to be one of my favourite ‘go to’ bars of soap, the amazing scent is unique and truly lovely.

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