Bath Bomb Mould 55mm

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Aluminium Bath Bomb Moulds

Front and back halves that push together

This set makes bath bombs measuring approximately 5.5cm or 55mm in diameter

Best used for making bath bombs or bath fizzies

Fill each half with your bath bomb mixture and then push the two halves together

Allow bath bomb to set/dry, then gently separate the two halves, DO NOT TWIST.
Tips……for Bath Bomb Making…….

For these bath bomb moulds to work correctly, your bath bomb mix has to be just right.

Not too wet to commence Fizzing, and not that dry that the bath bomb it will fall apart

(a little like making a sand castle).

When making your bath bomb mix squeeze it together in the palm of your hand,

you want the bath bomb mixture to just hold together – without falling apart.

This will take some practice.


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