Beetroot Powder

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Beta vulgaris Beet Root Powder can be used to contribute natural color to a wide range of recipes and formulas. In powdered formulations, Beet Root Powder will add a lovely tint of red-violet. When added directly to oil based formulas, such as scrubs, Beet Root Powder will yield a deeper tint of violet-red. Beet Root Powder can also be infused in water or Oil, yielding a wide range of tints from red to violet. Recently regarded as a preventative for cancer – increasing immune system function. Beet root is high in many important minerals and micronutrients.

Helpful Hint?? How to – Use this product?

Make an infusion with oil of your choice (the one you’re going to use in your recipe is fine), simmer the oil and root powder over low heat to release the colours for an hour or so…. bottle and use when ready.

You can also let it sit on a shelf for a couple of weeks – prior to use.

Just Strain when ready and retain oil for use in products, will colour your creations ‘violet/red’ Naturally

Usage Rate: Beetroot Powder alone at trace

– Use 1 Tbsp per 500gm of soap.
for an Infusion: 1 Tbsp per 4 oz oil. (filtered)



Beta vulgaris
Country of Origin USA
Method of Harvest Commercial
Parts Used Root



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