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On popular request, we’ve made a convenient 1kg Tub of Concentrated Soap Paste available to our customers.  This is a very versatile liquid soap paste made with Natural Ingredients including Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Castor Oil.  This will save you money on delivery as it will make 3 Ltrs of Liquid Soap, the bonus is that it’s very easy to make up.  See our instructions for making your liquid soap below.

Liquid Soap can be used as a bubble bath or all over body wash and is for those that prefer a Mild Liquid Soap for gentle cleansing.  It’s most popular use is as a Liquid Hand Soap that you can keep anywhere in the house.  I keep mine right on the kitchen sink, this is where I know it’ll get the most use.  This soap can be made into a laundry detergent or even used for cleaning, it’s just amazing.It’s all natural – wonderful for persons that suffer with allergies and have sensitive skin types.  There are no nasties in this fantastic product.  We’ve used simple ingredients to create a very useful soap that is popular around the world.

This thick translucent soap – is a true liquid soap made with natural and organic ingredients that offers a lovely lather and lots of bubble. It’s beautifully hydrating and nourishing too with Olive Oil being the key ingredient in the formulation.  Our liquid soap is manufactured by us, right here in Qld, Australia.

This is a a 1kg Tub of Soap Paste, that will make approximately 3 Ltrs of Liquid Soap

How to Dilute your Liquid Soap Paste?

  1. Dilute into a liquid by placing the paste into a stainless steel saucepan and gently warming the contents.  
  2. Boil 2Ltrs of water, bringing it to a good rolling boil and then adding it hot, to the pot of soap paste. 
  3. Agitate the pot with a stainless steel spoon or wooden spoon and allow the hot water to dissolve the warm paste into a beautiful thick liquid soap. 
  • If you’re in a hurry you can mix it with a stick mixer or just allow it to do it’s thing and dissolve over a day to two.  There’s no hurry, it will turn into a thick liquid soap in no time flat. 
  • If you’re not happy with the consistency, you can add a little more boiling water to thin it out a little or if you’ve accidently thinned it too much and would like to thicken it, just dissolve about 1 tablespoon of fine table salt into about 50mls of boiling water and add it to your liquid soap pot.  This will thicken it for you.  Ingredients – Demineralised water, potassium soaps of olive, castor and coconut oils, vegetable glycerine, sodium.



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