All Natural Castile Soap

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Here’s a soap that will have you wondering why you bother with all the fancy soaps out there?  It’s just ‘Plain Soap’, made the old fashioned way using the highest quality Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from the Hunter Valley.

In fact this soap has a been made using what is referred to amongst soap makers as the ‘Ghost’ technique.  It’s where you use different amounts of water to create the amazingly beautiful pattern in the soap.  I hope you love it as I do.

This soap is an All Natural Castile Soap made and cured for over 9 months.  This is when ‘Castile Soap’ is at it’s best.

The ingredients are quite simply Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Water.  Sodium Hydroxide is used to make the soap, but is not present by the time you use it.  Enjoy it’s splendour and savour every last morsel of this soap.  It’s remarkable in every aspect.  What’s it smell like you say?  This is an unscented soap, there’s no added essential oil or fragrance it’s just how castile soap was intended and it smells like soap, a clean and enjoyable no fuss ‘Plain Soap’ smell, obtained from the ingredients used and the process.

nett weight approximately 110gm

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Weight .125 kg
Dimensions 10 x 5 x 3 cm