B.O. BALM – All Natural Deodorant Stick, for Him or Her

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B.O. BALM All Natural Deodorant Stick is made with ingredients that won’t melt in Australia’s hot temps.  You’ll be able to keep this one in your handbag all year round, to apply whenever you need to.  You don’t need to keep it in the fridge.

Traditionally Natural Deodorant Sticks or should I say, that ‘claim’ to be natural, can be somewhat awkward to use – they melt to a slush in hot weather or they don’t hold their scent, lots of handmade deodorant’s even contain bicarbonate soda which in a home made deodorant can cause a nasty rash to form as it’s an irritant for some folks. Our wickedly natural deodorant bar is made with simple ingredients all targeted to fight against the bacteria that actually cause ‘bad odor’ to occur in the first place, aiding the body to rid itself of toxins.  It’s actually your body’s natural way of cleansing itself – you shouldn’t prevent this – you can help it. You’ll smell heavenly all day long with this divine scent blended with essential oils.  This blend is held fast by the base notes that lavender holds and pink grapefruit – making it a little fruity and exotic, quite a treat for your nose.  A very gratifying blend. Our B.O. Balm All Natural Deodorant Stick –

  • keeps you dry all day
  • prevents odor from forming
  • contains ingredients that target bacteria, preventing BO’s forming
  • assists the body to eliminate toxins
  • our all natural deodorant bar is for him or her

You definitely need to try this out – and at this price you’ll be pleasantly surprised how a small change in your ways can have you using deodorant that is actually good for you.  We’ve carefully selected ingredients that are natural and beneficial – for the purpose of keeping you dry and prevent odor from even starting. We’ve used simple ingredients – that make up our BO BALM All Natural Deodorant Stick is conveniently packed into a tube so you can take it everywhere with you.  You’ll love, it.

Our customers say – it’s the best, and they want more.

Your deodorant bar – is easy to use, just twist the bottom of the tube in your fingers and rub/dab into your arm pit.  That’s it.  No need to keep refrigerated and will keep for ages in your handbag.

nett weight 60gm minimum

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